Discover Margaret River, Australia

Discover Margaret River, Australia

The first months of the year of 2018 were marked by a destination in particular: Margaret River. The place is located 277 kilometers South of Perth in Western Australia. The city and its region are famous for the quality of the surfing spots (cf. article Where surf to Margaret River?), its wines which you can find on the tables of the restaurants of the whole world and for its numerous naturalistic touristic attractions.

All in all, I spent 4 months there. I did 65 of my 88 farming days which will allow me to renew my visa to spend a second year in Australia. During these 65 days, I mainly did bird netting in order to protect the grapes from the birds to attack the fruits (cf. article Bird Netting), as well as grape dropping (cf. article Grape Dropping) and grape picking (cf. article Grape Picking).

The region is offering a multitude of great surfing spots. Thus, I was also able to perfect my practice there. In my article New Lifestyle I describe my typical day, the surfing is an important part of it.

Finally, all these adventures without sharing would be sad. Margaret River abounds in backpackers trying to obtain their second visa. I met many French people (cf. articles How I met… The frenchies of Margaret River and How I met… Alex & Carl), but also people from the whole world (cf. articles How I met… Josh & Elise and How I met… Nora & Ben) that I hope to have the opportunity to see again during my upcoming journeys 🙂

If you want to have an overview of my adventures in Margaret River, check the video below.

Places (Margaret River region)

Gracetown: Left Handers.

Gnarabup: Gas Bay.

Busselton: Busselton Jetty (cf. article Busselton Jetty).

Naturaliste: Bunker Bay.


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