United Arab Emirates (before)

The United Arab Emirates are the first country which I selected for my trip around the world. I chose to begin with this destination for several reasons :

  • Visit my buddy of childhood Alex who has been living over there for three years
  • To have a first traveling experience in the Middle East.

Furthermore, I wish to spend a big part of my journey in Asia and in Oceania. Besides allowing me to see again a good buddy and to discover landscapes, unknown cultures and customs, it is the perfect layover and the perfect mean to reduce the time of flight towards Asia. Yes yes we all know how long it is!

I pack my bag, verify a last time that everything is okay on the checklist of the things to take for my journey… It’s okay, here I am thus leaving for the United Arab Emirates, the city of Dubai more exactly.

But before I share with you my on-the-spot experience, I wish to share with you my current feeling about the country, while I am still a virgin of any experience over there.

As you are curious and as you certainly had a tour on the blog during your coffee break, you understood that I wrote poem about my adventures 🙂

If you scroll down the article a bit you can read my words and my feeling with regard to the country which I get ready to visit:

The United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Before

The poem

I look at the sky,

I see the tip of the skycrapers.

I think about the past,

I think about what the present could be.

I see the wealth,

I think about what it could contribute to.

I’m speechless, I’m in shock,

A mix of admiration and frustration.


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Stay tuned the next poem soon arrives!


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