Skateboarding around the Burj Khalifa

It’s difficult to miss it. From my arrival I’m intrigued. At the beginning, it sparkles at night. Then, after a relaxing night, I get up. It’s the first thing I see: the Burj Khalifa. It peaks in 830 meters in the center of the business district of Dubai.

Then, on this first day, I go out to explore, to move closer to it, to try to tame it.

I skateboard for a few hours around this nonconformist building, before going back home and drafting the poem which you will find below:

Skateboarding around the Burj Khalifa

Skateboarding around the Burj Khalifa

The poem

Pair of shorts, T-shirt, sunglasses,

The outfit is minimalist,

Studied not to succumb to this surrealist heat,

At the beginning,

The road is not adapted to the practice of the activity which makes me vibrate so much,

I try to visit while trying not to fall,


I am condemned to carry my board,

And to make the rest of the route without sliding,

I cross a roadworks section,

Workers look me at such an aberration of the landscape,

I shake my head friendly,

In sign of condolence for their atrocious punishment,

The road re-forms,

A boulevard appears,

I am finally going to be able to exploit the full potential of the board which I have under my feet,

I push, it is smooth, it slides,

Then I use, I deceive,


She is held there,

In the middle of my parade,

She looks at me scornfully,

Like a parent warning his child,

I know it,

A bad action could result in a severe penalty,

Then I pay attention,

After a few laps,

My breath is short,

The heat got the best of me,

Then I slide in the opposite direction,

In the idea to resupply myself in water and to recover.


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Stay tuned the next poem soon arrives!


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