Fishing off Fujaïrah

In this weekend of October 13th, 2017, my buddy Alex decided to take me to do some spearfishing off Fujaïrah, on the East coast of the United Arab Emirates. We thus leave Dubai early in the morning to join the small fishing port of Zubarah.

Once arrived over there, we embark on the boat of Majid (cf. article How I met… Smail & Majid). Majid takes us 30 kilometers of coast, near the supertankers moored far from the coast. They are waiting for authorization to enter in the port to deliver the oil which they store. We navigate that far because big shoals of fish form around these supertankers. Alex thinks that he will have more chances to catch something around there rather than anywhere else in the middle of the ocean.

We stop at first near a boat abandoned in the middle of the sea to catch some baits which will serve us to fish later on (Majid, Smail and I staying on the boat). We take back the road to arrive finally in the middle of these supertankers posted in the middle of the ocean. The fog is omnipresent, the ground is absent on the horizon.

The moment is unprecedented and inspires me, here is thus the text which I drafted about this experience:

Fishing off Fujaïrah

Fishing off Fujairah

The poem

They appear on the horizon,

Rising from the mist,

They are mirages which became reality,

Sparse in the Indian,

They belong to the landscape,


They will not linger,


They will be Passed,

And we challenge them,

Without wanting them quarrel,

We explore,

We pull out the essential from the water,

Soon we have enough for us to feed,

Then, we go away,

Leaving behind us these multicolored spots on a navy blue background,

So that they can take advantage of the deep hills and low funds.


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Stay tuned the next poem soon arrives!


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