Playlist of the month – DECEMBER 18

Hello December! The winter, the cold, the family celebrations, the raclettes between friends… Ah if only! In this year of 2018, I say hello to you from Surfer’s Paradise in Australia, where I established myself for a few months. The weather and the temperature have nothing to do with the European standards. Between the blue sky the and white sand, I distinguish the luminescent garlands hanging on the terraces of buildings. People around me are wearing shorts, t-shirts, dockers, and skirts. The water is hot too, no need of wetsuits to surf. The sun beats down hard too, 35 degrees minimum. The wind is fortunately there to relieve us a little bit of the heat.

In this paradisiac decoration, I can nevertheless not refrain from thinking of my beloved ones. Family and friends, with whom I would have liked to spend this special time which are Christmas and New Year holidays. Then, to mutually warm our heart, I prepared us the last playlist of the year 2018. I hope that you will appreciate it 🙂

Listen to it without moderation and feedback me with affection 🙂

Tracklist of the Playlist

Flamingosis – I’ll Be There (Feat. Tendencies)

Volt Age – Supreme Delight

Yung Bae – Panorama

Darko Kustura – “Flashes”

Dr Packer – Shine on Me

HOME – Twisted Light

Les loups – Side To Side (2014 Rework)

Moullinex – Love Love Love (Les Loups Remix)

Miami Nights 1984 – Accelerated

FM-84 – Arcade Summer

RB Hudmon – Searching for your love

KENNY HAMBER – Never Found A Girl

Crosswind – Get Ready

Linda Jones – Body Fevèr (Let’s Go Party)

Powerline – Watching You

Mac Miller – What’s The Use? 

Snarky Puppy – Shofukan (We Like It Here)


Keziah Jones – Rhythm Is Love

“Tallulah” by Jamiroquai


Reminder to the absent-minded ones, I release 20 tracks every first day of the month for the happiness of your small ears 😉

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The continuation next month !


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