Playlist of the month – AUGUST 18

Hello to you August vacationer! I have to admit it, like you, I generally prefer to take my holidays in August. Where does it come from ? Well, I have my theory. You remember, when you are a kid and when you make the competition with your brother or your sister of the one who eats his/her ice cream as slowly as possible to be the one who will take advantage of it longer? Well, here we are, I think that that comes from there. Let the others take advantage first to take advantage last 🙂

I concocted you a small playlist of 20 sounds, as usual, so you can take advantage of your month of August in vacation (it is the end of the cone in the metaphor). Then, once laid out on your deckchair, in front of this turquoise blue ocean, think of sending a selfie to your bro or your sister which took their holidays in July, to remind him/her that you were always the one who finished his ice cream the last 🙂

Listen to it without moderation and feedback me with affection 🙂

Tracklist of the Playlist

Syn Cole – Miami 82 (Kygo Remix)

Phantogram – Fall in Love (Lennart Richter Remix)

Shiro Schwarz – Together

Les Sins “Why feat. Nate Salman”

Neon Indian – Slumlord Rising

Toro Y Moi “Say That”

Dabeull – New Order (feat. Holybrune)

Inside Your Love (Swales’ In Detroit Edit)

Ethyène – A Common Soul

Matthieu Faubourg – As Far As I Know

Keni Burke – Risin’ To The Top

Shalamar – A Night To Remember

Michael McDonald – I Keep Forgettin’

Endgames – Ecstasy (Centurion Mix)

Lillo Thomas – Let me be Yours

Plaisir – Visa Pour Aimer

Foreigner – “Urgent”

Slave – Watching You

Bobby Caldwell – My Flame

Joe Sample – In All My Wildest Dreams


Reminder to the absent-minded ones, I release 20 tracks every first day of the month for the happiness of your small ears 😉

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The continuation next month!


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