I flew over the Rila

Before reaching the United Arab Emirates and the city of Dubai, I flew over Eastern Europe. During the flight, a landscape particularly marked me : the Rila. The Rila is a mountain massive located in Bulgaria. Its peak is call peak Musala and is standing at 2925 meters height.

This landscape got my attention because the contrast between the green of plains, the blue of lakes and the white of the snow is rather magnificent to see. The Rila is a part of the list of the 100 national tourist objects to see in Bulgaria. The important places for the amateurs of hike, history and nature are: Musala, chalet of Skakavica, seven lakes of Rila, Rila Monestary, women’s monastery of Samokov, as well as the historic Museum in the same city.

If you have the opportunity to fly over Eastern Europe, I invite you strongly to be attentive when you overfly Bulgaria to be able to appreciate this magnificent landscape. Even better, go check it out in person if you have the occasion 😉

In the meantime, before going there myself, flying over this massif inspired me. Here is the text which I drafted about it:

I flew over the Rila

I look down,

I’m small but big at the same time,

They dazzle me,

They intrigue me,

Sometimes dark,

Sometimes clear,

They are decorated with a brilliant white,

They are rushing into each other,

Joining, Overlapping,

They compete against each other,


They form a coherent, attractive ensemble.

Then they disappear,

As fast as some are born,

This overview rather pleasant,

Seem to be the beginning of something hectic.


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Stay tuned the next poem soon arrives!


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