United Arab Emirates (after)

United Arab Emirates (after)

Burj Khalifa, Dubaï, United Arab Emirates
N 25° 11′ 49.9086” / E 55° 16′ 27.753”

Spice Souk, Dubaï, United Arab Emirates
N 25° 16′ 2.4744” / E 55° 17′ 48.8322”

Mountains of Hatta, United Arab Emirates
N 24° 48′ 22.2084” / E 56° 7′ 31.386”

Seabed of Fujaïrah, United Arab Emirates
N 25° 27′ 2.7462” / E 56° 44′ 13.6278”


She sits in the center,

Fit and attractive,

She darkens all the others,

Symbol of a success,

And demonstration of an ambition,

She takes place among stars,

Her roots wind between roads and constructions,

To result in these magnificent installations,

When shadow is not any more,

The authenticity takes back its rights,

Characterized by its stalls of aromas and sparks,

It’s calling me out,

I play with it,

Discovers it little by little,

To finally tame it and find it beautiful,

The disparities are very present,

The cohabitation is too absent,

I go away of this antithesis,

I breathe differently,

I feel at ease,

The landscapes are lunar,

Rocky, dusty, stormy,

The alternation is constant, attractive,

The oxygen moistens,

Beginning of an infinite area,

Suddenly I am in apnea,

Stunned by so much beauty,

My heart is carried away,

These panoramic and abyssal visions,

Form today the mental cliché that I take with me for my next stopovers.


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