Tegalagang Rice Terrace

Tegalagang Rice Terrace

Their engines mutter,

The symphony is jerky,

A black, a white, a sigh,

The relief deceives their desire to discover,

This positive, negative rise,

In spite of all its efforts,

They find it a stalk innocent,

The volume increases,

They take out of this road which winds,

Final straight, foot on the ground,

Ready to take advantage of the entertainment which they obsess me to perfect,

The superlatives are proactive,

The race to whom will use the most elaborate,

My heart is shared,

Warmed by the aroused interest,

But worried because of the hard part,

They do not seem to care about,

I put them to the test,

With multiple doses my work I impose on them,

Important degrees staircases,

Muddy ways in abundance,

I scatter quarrel to test them but,

Without them even having to draw really far,

The term is reached,

I am sounded but relieved,

Respect and good behavior they adopted,

The rain is going full swing,

They make a way there with difficulty,

I watch at them going away slowly,

Keeping in memory this privileged moment,

The portrait is immortalized,

It is amply enough to satisfy me,

Because I hope that during still some centenaries,

I will be able to welcome numerous similar visitors.


S 8° 26′ 2.5434” / E 115° 16′ 45.3252”


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