Free Diving in Jazirat Kharabah

Free Diving in Jazirat Kharabah

The environment is primary,

Fortunately for me,

There is this familiar presence,

For lack of protecting me,

It reassures me,

Friendly towards me,

It was always,

The coast fades for the benefit of a singular landscape,

To slide in it without apprehension nor fear would be lying,

But it is always there,

To guide me and make me discover,

They roam between mountains and islands,

Having nothing to do with sometimes childish visitors,

They know by heart the mazes to escape them,

Even if it happens, fortunately not often, that they stay trapped in,

We are here in peace,

To observe their submarine brooms,

Majestic, Andacious, Graceful,

They are charming and puzzling,

Having tamed it and having been of passage there,

It is not without pride,

And by means of courage,

That I can now leave of this idyllic landscape.


N 23° 49′ 52.8018” / E 58° 10′ 51.9168”


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