How I met… The French Team of Triathlon

The story: Everything begins in September 2009. Senior year of high school in the sports section at the Jean Mermoz high school, in Montpellier. My classes were made up to there with the swimmers, the handball players, the judokas, the golfers, the windsurfers, etc. This year, we will also have to count on a triathlete, Pierre Le Corre. He is from Brittany but has just made one year of high school in Philadelphia, in the United States. The return in France is sometimes complicated for French who were expatriated for a long time. It will thus be my duty and the one of the other sportsmen to make him appreciate his return to France.

Very fast, Pierre becomes a friend and a training partner in swimming. Then, I stop the high-level sport. He continues triathlon. He has qualities as a swimmer, unmistakably, but also as a runner. Indeed, to swim 200 meters freestyle in 2’01 at 17 and to run 3000 meters in 8’40 at 19 is not given to everybody.

In the same way as with Alex (see the article How I met… Alex), our paths part when I am going to study abroad for a few years. But Pierre is a good buddy. We shared one year of high school as well as numerous swimming training, but also running and biking, where I clearly did not have the level to follow the rhythm. Then, we keep contact. He gathers titles, me the travel experiences.

How I met... The French Triathlon Team

Dorian – Léo – Vincent – Paul – Me – Pierre – Arthur – Boris

In September 2018, I am on the Australian East coast. Pierre contacts me by telling me that he comes here for a race, the Grand Final of the World Triathlon Series. Without hesitation, I tell him that I will be present.

Pierre and the rest of the French team arrive 10 days before the race. After one year without seeing him, we gather once again. And I am finally going to be able to see him exercising his job together with the world’s best (this race, it is like the Olympics, consequently all the world’s best triathletes are there). Between his training, we chill, we grab lunch and dinner, we visit. Pierre introduces me to the rest of the team: Dorian, Léo, Vincent, Paul, Arthur, Boris, Valentin for the men. Cassandre, Léonie, Emilie, Sandra for the women.

A few days before the race, they move to a new hotel, especially to get in their bubble.

The day of the race is there. I am ready to a 1000 % to support my buddy of always as well as the rest of Team France which I learned to know during these few days. During the race, I hallucinate of the level of these guys. They give everything permanently, not one second of break otherwise it is over. On arrival, Pierre is 4th! Great result, it gets him within the world top 10. He ends 8th in the ranking after the 8 races of the season. Vincent, as for him, won the race with a running in 29’43, or more than 20km/h of average after swimming and biking to the maximum for 1:15! He ends 2nd in the world ranking. Dorian picks up the 15th place what makes him win two places in the world ranking, 13th in the end.

After the effort the comfort. This stay punctuates on an evening when the members of the Team France, as usual, raise a clothing detail which differentiates them from the other nations. This year it will be suspenders.

I spent 10 awesome days with you and the rest of the Team Pierro. I hope to have the opportunity to see all of you guys again very fast in your element for another World Series 🙂


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