How I met… My Family

The story: Everything began on July the 19th of 1991. I was born at the polyclinic Saint Roch in Montpellier. Father physiotherapist, mother physiotherapist, I was predestined for a medical future. On August 13th, 1993, Adrien was born. Younger brother to whom I got ready to make life hard for a few years before his strengths of counter-attack equalize those of my attacks.

Years after years, I discover that my parents are rather sporty, very sporty even. The father practices soccer and swimming being young. Then triathlon and biking at the moment. the mother athletics and swimming being young. Then swimming again and biking as well at the moment, having met the father. Then, I catch the virus. Swimming, football, judo, ping-pong, I venture on everything. Swimming has finally the last word. The brother follows the way, swimming it will be.

I also discovered another passion of the parents: music. Since my birth, I am rocked by any music styles, “of good music” as the father says all the time. Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rock, Fusion, R’n’B, And sometimes even a little Hip-hop. Then I catch the virus. These styles yes, but many others also. Music is a huge part of my life. That’s the reason why I specially dedicated a section to it in this blog (cf. Playlists).

How I met... Yannick, Annie and Adrien

Annie (the mom), Yannick (the dad), me, Adrien (the brother)

Finally, the thing to which they introduced me since my youngest age and which is my first passion today: traveling. At the beginning in France, in the Alps, in the Pyrenees, in Corsica. Then abroad: Spain, England, the United States… I tasted the escape thanks to them. This desire to leave the everyday life, I owe it to them. I think of having pushed the thing a little farther than what they had imagined by leaving for a world tour on an indefinite duration. But the point is that they, once again, allowed me to catch this virus. Today, they come to see me at the other end of the world, here, in Cairns in Australia.

Then for the sport, the music, and the travel, thank you, mom and dad.

And to allow me to keep my balance, thank you, little brother.


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