How I met… Justin

The story: After my stay with my buddy Pierre and the French team of Triathlon (see the article How I met… The French Team of Triathlon), I decided to spend a few nights in a hostel to meet other travelers. I booked a night at one of the many hostels at Surfers Paradise. When I arrived, I met Koa, an American traveling around the world by boat. He just arrived on the Gold Coast and was here for a few days. After talking for a few minutes about our travels, Koa invited me, that evening, to meet his roommates around a few beers. It was on this occasion that I met many international travelers, including Justin.

Justin is a 25-year-old Canadian from Winnipeg, Canada. One simple fact made him decide to leave everything he had in Canada to travel around the world. At home, he really saw how many people got stuck in their ways. Same routine, same thing every day. People would complain or live this sad life and not do anything about it. He realized he was also part of this. He wanted to push himself and try something different. therefore he decided to go travel, to go out of his comfort zone to have new experiences and to meet people with a similar project. A project similar to mine in the end.

After breaking the ice with the other members of the group, Spanish, American, Swedish, etc., the night was on.

How I met... Justin

Justin – Canada

After a rough evening and a breakfast together, it was already time to say goodbye. I moved to a new hostel, more suited to my budget.

A week later, as a sign of fate, I found Justin again. It must be said that everyone knows each other directly or indirectly at Surfers Paradise. So, since he has the same travel plan as mine, it seemed interesting to me to share with you this friendly encounter with a friendly Canadian.

Good luck for the rest of your travels Justin and who knows, we may meet again in another part of Australia or on another continent. Cheers my friend.


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