How I met… Alex

The story: I met Alex in September 1996. I was 5 years old, him too. We were in kindergarten, at the school of the “Jeu de mail” in Montpellier. He was wearing a black T-shirt with an image of the Power Rangers printed in color. I think that that’s what urged me to go to get acquainted with him at the time. Finally, the contact is created. Very fast, Alex becomes a friend because we are in the same school, we live in the same district, and we have a common passion: swimming.

Then, we lose touch with each other. Alex does a part of his high school abroad. I stay in France, concentrated on the swimming. It is only during our final year of high school that our links re-form. He returned to France, me, I reduced considerably the number of training a week. Until that point on, I knew only high-level swimming and school. He is the one who makes me discover the life beyond swimming. The parties, the encounters. He is the one who gave me this desire to open myself to the world beyond sports. The one that I take for example when it comes to socializing with people.

We re-get out of touch. The reason: university exchanges and higher education. Then we find ourselves again in Paris. We have a job now, but it is as before. We are chilling together. We are going to roller-skating and skateboarding. We party together, and he makes me meet his friends, who also become my friends. He has a pronounced taste for the adventure, a little like me. Eventually, He gets a job in Dubai for an indefinite duration.

How I met... Alex

Alex – France

I always told him that I will come to see him one day. In October 2017, this day arrived. I decided to begin my journey around the world with Dubai. It is a stage before Asia certainly, but it is especially the opportunity to see again Alex, my childhood friend and the one who was of a strong influence during an important period of my life.

Then I arrive in Dubai. Alex welcomes me as a brother. He introduces me to his friends, who become friends immediately for me there. He takes me around (see articles Fishing off Fujaïrah, Quad in Ud Al Beida’s dunes, From Hatta to Fossil Rock, Free Diving in Jazirat Karabah, Kayak in the bay of Al Jissah). He makes me live 3 weeks of adventure and discovery, as he knows so well how to do it. At the end of these 3 weeks, our paths split one more time, but I am persuaded that they re-shall meet very soon.

To have allowed me to extrovert myself, to have made me live these adventures and the numerous to come, thank you, Alex.


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