How I met… Tim

How I met… Tim

The story : I met Tim in Hermosa Beach, California at the end of my exchange year in the United States in 2011-2012. During my road-trip in December 2011 with Andy and 3 other accomplices (see article How I met… Andy), we spent a few days in a hostel, in Hermosa Beach (Surf City Hostel) a few kilometers in the South of Los Angeles. The experience was super nice, the hostel was in front of the beach and the surfing spot. Thus I decided to repeat the experience at the beginning of May in 2012, once my exams finished and before I went back to France.

It was during my second stay in this hostel that I met Tim. At that time, Tim was also traveling in the United States after he finished high school. We quickly realized that we had the same passions : skateboarding and surfing. We spent our time skating down the streets of Hermosa together. One day, we skated from Hermosa all the way until the Hollywood sign (25 km).

In 6 years, we did not really stay in touch, just messaged once in a while. In May 2018, I arrived in Sydney after leaving Margaret River; 5000 km drive that begun 2 weeks previously. Tim had told me that he was currently living in Sydney. When I arrived to Sydney I sent him a message to know if he was still in the area. He answers me positively and the following moment I found myself at his home, reminding each other the good memories of our time in Los Angeles.

In the end, I spent one week at his home in Bondi, a few kilometers in the Southeast of Sydney. He introduced me to all his buddies, took me to some nice bars and restaurants in Bondi. Additionally, We surfed together in Bondi Beach and Thirroul, close to the Dharawal National ParkTim is a talented photographer and a director of movies. If you want to see his work, I invite you to check out his website.

It was amazing to be able to spend a week with you Tim, I hope that we have the opportunity to do that again soon 🙂

How I met... Tim

Tim – Australia

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