How I met… The Stephenson family

The story: During my exchange year in the state of Montana in the U.S., in 2011-2012, we were a big group of foreign students. We were used to doing multiple activities together: visiting the national park of Yellowstone, hiking, rafting, etc. Just like me, Kaitlyn was an exchange student. A native of Australia, she was taking classes to become a kindergarten teacher. We were used to doing some of these activities together, besides partying and other activities which we organized between foreign students. Months after months, Kaitlyn became a friend. Since our departure of the U.S., we speak from time to time to give each other news…

 One day, I informed her that I was planning to come to Australia. She told me that she will be delighted to receive me at her home, in Toowoomba, where her parents and her sister live. After 7 months in Australia, it was finally time for me to see her again. Unfortunately, Kaitlyn now lives in the South of Sydney and is not in Toowoomba. No problem, she tells me! She immediately puts me in touch with her sister who informs me that she and her parents are ready to receive me…

Once finished with my farming days in Bundaberg, I thus went to Toowoomba to meet Kaitlyn’s family. Arrived on the spot, I was welcomed as a king. Michelle, Paul, and Georgia had prepared delicious lasagne, even if they were far from competing with those of my mother hehe 🙂

During my stay, the Stephenson acted as if I was a member of their family. I had my own room. They indicated me places to be seen in the city. I visited the Japanese garden as well as Picnic Point with Georgia. During the period of my stay, France played against Belgium in the semi-final of the world cup. Paul had prepared the TV room for me so that I could watch the game… at 4:00 am. We all know the result as well as the one of the final Yeeeeewww! Thank you, Paul.

I was not able to see Kaitlyn this time (maybe in Sydney who knows) but I met her amazing family. I had a great time at your place guys and I hope to have the opportunity to see you again very soon 🙂

How I met... The Stephenson family

Michelle – Georgia – Kaitlyn – Paul – Australia

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