How I met… Nora & Ben

How I met… Nora & Ben

The story : I met Nora & Ben at Margaret River’s library on a rainy day when there was not much to do outside. I was working on an article when they came to me asking in English if they could sit down at the same table as me. My finely sharpened ear directly recognized the French-speaking accent. I thus answered them ” yes of course ” in French. I was almost right, they were Belgian. Then, we launched ourselves into a conversation approaching all the reasons having urged us to travel. This is where it becomes very interesting.

Nora & Ben both have autoimmune diseases. To fight against their health, they questioned all their beliefs as well as what was taught to them since their youngest age. They preferred to build themselves their own idea on their health. They were thus interested in numerous ancestral medicinal methods. Their discovery led them to believe that the most effective way to fight against their state, was simply to listen to their inner selves. To their body and to their mind more particularly. Since they satisfy the desires of their body and mind, their health has improved.

Nora & Ben are carriers of a project called Wide Awake which aims at making people aware of autoimmune diseases. This project also aims at making sensitive people on the importance of the body-mind connection. They travel the world and share the photos of their journey (section Blog of their site).

I invite you to go check it out for more details.

Anyway, beautiful moment with these two and I hope to have the opportunity to meet you again soon 🙂

Nora & Ben

Nora & Ben – From Belgium

A little extra in the history : Going out of the library I showed to Ben that I had to start my car (The Surf Wagon) from the bonnet. Engineer that he is, he helped me to install a switch inside the passenger compartment. I was then able to sell my dear Surf Wagon without any problem thanks to him 🙂


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Stay connected the next article arrives very soon !


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