Taking a walk to Cape Byron

After taking advantage of the surfing in Byron and its surrounding beaches for a few days, it was time for me to go check out this lighthouse which has been taunting me since my arrival. On this day, I get up early. The sky is blue, the sun shines hard, this is going to be a good day. I begin to walk, in the assault of this hill at the top of which it is held.

On the road, I stop one first time. The view is impregnable on the bay. To the foreground I can see The Pass, then, in the background, this is Byron Beach. They are teasing me.

The Pass and Byron Beach

Taking a walk at Cape Byron 1

I continue to climb this hill. I am almost there when to my right appears Tallow Beach! Wow! It looks like that from distance! These last few days, I got used to diving into its water to surf. I was concerned by the landscape obviously, but much more by the surfing. With a step back, I now realize its real beauty! And, it extends until Broken Head, another beach where I’m used to going.

Tallow Beach and Broken Head

Taking a walk at Cape Byron 2

I’m taking the beauty of the landscape but I’m only halfway arrived. While I resume my walk, I raise my head and what do I see? Byron’s lighthouse. Majestic, it thrones at the top of this hill. As if it ruled the roost in the bay.

Cape Byron’s lighthouse

Taking a walk at Cape Byron 3

It intrigues me. I go around, I observe it from all angles. Then my attention is carried somewhere else. I look towards the horizon. I see some whales and dolphins. They are making their aquatic round.

A whale chilling at Cape Byron

Taking a walk at Cape Byron 4

After putting my walk in brackets for a few minutes to observe the fauna, I resume venturing up to the most easterly point of Australia. It is the end of the rocks on the photo below.

The most easterly point of Australia

Taking a walk at Cape Byron 5

It’s time for me to return now, but not before the last stop: Wategos Beach. Protected from the mass of people in Byron, this beach is a real haven of peace in which you may relax before returning in town.

Wategos Beach

Taking a walk at Cape Byron 6

Here it is for my walk to Cape Byron. When you will have the opportunity to go there, I hope that you will have a good time 🙂


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