One year ago…

Exactly one year ago, I flew away to Dubai and the Arabian Peninsula, first destination of my journey around the globe. Before my departure, I was exhausted. Exhausted by my work, exhausted by my lifestyle. Then I made this decision: leave. Leave to go on a trip around the world, during an indefinite duration, in the direction of the countries which always attracted me. The plane takes off, it’s on. The problems are behind. The adventure begins, the excitement is at its highest.

At this moment, everything scrambles in my head. I am sad. Sad to leave the family and friends, but this sadness is very fast transformed into impatience. The impatience to discover what waits for me throughout this trip. The impatience to live outside my zone of comfort, what will urge me to adapt permanently.

One year ago...

During this year, I lived incredible things, I did things which I would have never imagined to do. Morally, I passed by all the phases: doubt, surprise, anger, sadness, joy… These feelings were sometimes all linked in a single day. I met people who changed the course of my journey. I saw magnificent landscapes, fantastic sunsets and magic milky nights.

One year later, the excitement to discover, to meet and to experiment is always there. I have no idea of how long is again going to last this journey. What I know, on the other hand, it is that there are some more countries to be visited on my list.

Traveling alone is not every day easy. But when I rock bottom, I think again about my previous life, and everything gets better, immediately. The experience is thus sometimes hard but mainly beautiful. I am happy to have made this decision. Since my departure, my life did not stop being filled with unforeseen, positive, negative, no matter. The experience fills and exceeds all the expectations which I was able to have before flying away infinitely.


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