Kayak in the bay of Al Jissah

Kayak in the bay of Al Jissah

I swim in my favorite water,

My accomplices surround me,

As usual,

We travel between our adored corals,

The surface becomes confused,

This form already observed,

Cut my so liked water,

Who are these foreigners?

What do they want to try?

Probably same things as many of those already crossed,

They stop,

Would it be to satisfy their curiosity?

No doubt,

On the surface, this form is at the moment forsaken,

Whereas an other one gets closer, slowly, stubborn,

I am afraid of what I have already heard around,

But I am rash,

I let him move,

I study his attitude,

No aggressive sign nor of rough behavior,

I dare,

I approach from behind,

He turns around and sees me,

I am paralyzed,

The observation,

It seems to last an eternity,

A shiver travels me,

My thoughts are disturbed,

And then,

His look turns away,

He seems to lose interest,

Trying to observe a more interesting accomplice,

I am proud,

I overcame one of my anxieties,

Now I can leave,

With the satisfaction to have carried out something which made me confident and grow up.


N 23° 33′ 4.0998” / E 58° 39′ 2.8512”


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