Indonesia (after)

Indonesia (after)

I open my eyes and I know,

No matter the activity,

No matter the locality

On this island,

Everything is transformed into idyll,

The smile is drawn,

The day looks agitated,


I choose to echo in yesterday,

The congestion is popular,

But waves are exemplary,

I slide, I dive, I scrutinize,

I repeat,

The sensation?

Well, you know it,

I would forget almost my effort for breathing,

The drawback sounded,

In the water, on earth,

No respite,

The air is precarious,

I choke,

Victim of the crime whom the human provokes,

To escape,

Here is the idea in which I am now stubborn,

Forced to envisage it to continue to exist,

My departure is saving, but regretted,

The shared and slid moments are at the heart of my thought,

I wish this experience will be of a bigger purity,

Here is the hope leading me,

When this sine qua none condition will be completed,

The certainty is that, alone or accompanied,

I shall be one of the first ones to venture there again.


S 8° 48′ 30.1746” / E 115° 6′ 31.05”


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