Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

After three weeks spent in Byron Bay, I’m taking my car to go to the last stage of my trip from the Aussie West Coast to the Aussie East Coast: Cairns. Over there, I join my parents, my brother and his girlfriend for three new weeks with the family, 10 months after I saw them for the last time.

After reuniting and one day of recovery for them (a journey of 33 hours) as for me (1900 km of diving in 1.5 days), we decide to begin our visit of the region with the activity for which it is most renowned: the Great Barrier Reef. This day, we thus embark on Island Diver to spend the day at sea. To the program, Briggs Reef and Sudbury Reef.

Here we go! We leave the port at 9:30 am. The first thing we see is Trinity Forest Reserve to our right.

Trinity Forest Reserve

Very fast, the coast fades to give way in the landless ocean on the horizon. The sea is very agitated. The boat rocks from right to left. All the passengers are seasick. Crew members let us know that they have rarely had these conditions. After 1h30 being shaken on both sides on the ship, we arrive at the first stage of the day: Briggs Reef.

Briggs Reef

We put on our snorkeling equipment. The dive can finally begin. We put the head into the water. It is necessary to swim some meters to reach the reef. Then we execute ourselves. Finally, it appears. We never really had the opportunity to live a similar experience, we are stunned. Multicolored fishes, corals in the varied forms, everything is there. Colors become entangled for a depiction which we have never seen. Then we explore, during one good hour, we go around the reef to make it our own.

Then, the first ones go back up on the boat, I want to remain to explore but I am to be the last one in the water. Then I go back up, having in mind the next destination. A tortoise! My mother exclaims. The anchor is not raised yet, I dip back. I go away in search of this tortoise to see it closer. Unfortunately, it went away. Then, I look a little more not to return disappointed, and there! I find a white tip shark! It’s a reef shark, harmless. Then I follow him for a few seconds, to satisfy my thirst for discovery. I hear a voice far away, I have to go back to the boat. Now, let’s head to the following stage: Sudbury Reef.

A white tip shark in Briggs Reef

The route is short, less livened up this time. We make it to Sudbury Reef.

Sudbury Reef

Here we go again! Snorkeling equipment and go, in the water for new discoveries. We are all 5 to swim in the direction of this sandbank which appears to a hundred meters. We observe to the right, to the left when suddenly appears a tortoise!

A turtle in Sudbury Reef

We swim for a moment with her before leaving her alone so that she continues to swim in peace. Our path at the moment parts, each being attracted by a different stimulus. I swim towards the island when to my left I notice an anemone accompanied by her favorite inhabitant, a clown-fish. Then, I stay one moment with him. I observe him, he also observes me. I wave to him, saying hello, he fidgets in return. I think I have established a friendly contact with him. He is having fun between the tentacles, he hides, he shows himself, then he disappears again. My family is on the island, sorry Nemo I have to leave you for this time.

A clown-fish in Sudbury Reef

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef 6

The island is protected because it shelters nests of lesser crested terns, endangered classified species. Then, we risk us but not too much at the same time, by respect for our congeners.

My family and me on the sandbank of Sudbury Reef

We return to the water several times to record and be amazed before the end of the day. The moment to go back to the mainland has now rung. On the return, we observe Fitzroy Island. It is held in the entry of the bay. Once the island past, we set foot on the ground. Our head is already filled with memories, it’s only the beginning, lots of beautiful things will be soon seen.

Fitzroy Island

That’s it for today. I hope that this article will have motivated you to go and have a look at the Great Barrier Reef 🙂


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