6 must see waterfalls in Cairns

Cairns and its region reserve numerous natural treasures. The relief and the climate of the region create an environment convenient to the creation of impressive waterfalls. Today, I am going to talk about the waterfalls which you have to visit during your stay over there.

6. Ellinjaa Falls

5 must see waterfalls in Cairns Ellinjaa Falls

Ellinjaa Falls is in the middle of the Atherton Tablelands, plateau situated in dozens of kilometers from Cairns and which landscape reminds me a lot about the Larzac plateau in France. The waterfall is at the end of a 200 meters walkway which will take you in the middle of the rainforest. If you are lucky, you might see turtles and platypus.

5. Barron Falls

5 must see waterfalls in Cairns Barron Falls

Barron Falls is on the way of Kuranda Scenic Railway (see article Kuranda Scenic Railway & Skyrail) in the Barron Gorge Natural Park. The waterfall is one of the key tourist attractions close to Cairns. Therefore, the zone is fitted out very well with a wooden footbridge on both sides of the river. It offers numerous perspectives, interesting to realize various types of photos.

4. Josephine Falls

5 must see waterfalls in Cairns Ellinjaa Falls

Of all the waterfalls that I had the opportunity to see, Josephine Falls is the funniest. Besides proposing numerous places where to rest without feeling oppressed by the present tourists, it offers the possibility of having fun. On the top of the waterfall, you will find a rather deep pool which allows you to jump from the rocks, 5 meters higher. On the bottom of this one, you will find a natural slide formed by the erosion of the rocks caused by the water which passes by since a few hundred years.

3. Emerald Creek Falls

5 must see waterfalls in Cairns Emerald Creek Falls

Emerald Creek is situated in the Davies Creek National Park near Mareeba (60 kilometers of Cairns). Before reaching Emerald Creek Falls, you will find another waterfall: Davies Creek Falls which offers a magnificent view on the rest of the National Park. Emerald Creek Falls is a waterfall where you can relax because few tourists venture there, according to my experience. You can bathe in the natural swimming pool below the waterfall, having jumped the rocks a little higher.

2. Millstream Falls

5 must see waterfalls in Cairns Millstream Falls

Millstream Falls is considered as being the waterfall with the most important water drop in Australia. The waterfall flows on an old lava ground made of basalt, provoked by a volcanic eruption that occurred a few thousand years ago in the Atherton Tablelands. The dry vegetation which lines the waterfall contrasts with the tropical vegetation of the region. The site was a camp of the Australian army during the World War II. It is thus frequent to see former soldiers on a visit there, nostalgic of time.

1. Millaa Millaa Falls

5 must see waterfalls in Cairns Millaa Millaa Falls

In my opinion, and of all the waterfalls which I was able to see in Cairns, Millaa Millaa Falls is the most beautiful. The point of view, below the waterfall, offers a view perfectly cleared on the waterfall. The contrast between the rainforest, the blue sky, and the water is magnificent. Besides being able to bathe there, the surroundings of the waterfall were fitted out with a picnic area so you can enjoy a good meal with a perfect view.

It is everything for the waterfalls near Cairns. If you want a more exhaustive list of the waterfalls of the region, I invite you to consult the article below which lists 20 of the most beautiful waterfalls of the region 🙂

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